The Environment & Us


Caring for the Environment is the Fundamental of Everything We Do

    Our business works because we’re as efficient as possible. We use as few resources as we can. Fewer resources mean less waste. But we’re never content…


  All our processes are constantly refined to ensure that we minimise waste. What waste we do produce, we separate into seventeen distinct streams for easy recycling or reprocessing. We compact all of our waste paper to minimise transportation, prior to being recycled. Our printing plates are recycled and our used chemicals are disposed of responsibly.



  We use vegetable-based inks, pumped straight from large drums, rather than smaller cartridges in wasteful packaging. And talking of packaging, we’ve drastically reduced the volume of waste we pass onto you too. All of our cartons are produced from unbleached board.


  We’re giving you even more choice to do your bit for the environment too. We’ve introduced many new recycled paper materials thats environmental friendly and some are made from 100% recycled paper. All pulp is sourced from from well managed forests, where trees are farmed as crops – just like wheat. Plus we’ve increased the amount of recycled and FSC approved papers we use. Where possible, the rest of our paper stock is made from wood pulp which is Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) etc.

  What’s more, every recycled product's order you place will contributes to our great big goal of planting 500 trees to save the Environment. So please do help us on this!


If you think there’s anything else we should be doing to act responsibly, please email lovegreen@colourman.com.my