Be a Tree Hugger!


Frequent Ask Questions

Will advance in electronic media ever create a world without paper?

We're not sure, but it seems that technological advances have increased the world's need for paper. So as long as people need Books, magazine, newspaper, brochures and other printed materials, we'll be minimising the impact on the environment by offering greener solutions such as paper sourced from sustainable managed forests, or recycled using environmentally-sustainable processes.


Why is it so important to support recycled paper? Isn't it biodegradable anyway?

If paper is not recycled, it ends up in landfill. It is biodegradable, but it takes about 50 years or more to fully disintegrate in landfill. Recycling paper, and buying recycled paper, helps to ease the strain on the earth.


Why is Colourman Online offering recycled printing?

It’s because Colourman believe that helping the planet is everyone's responsibility, so we've added recycled products to our product range to service the needs of all of our customers. Our standard products are still available, but we'll be encouraging our customers to use Eco-friendly products as much as possible.


Is the recycle printing at Colourman cost higher than standard products?

The production processes involved in creating recycled paper mean that these products do cost more. The products we offer are similar to organic vegetables or even hybrid cars - they cost a bit more but buying them to reduce your impact on the earth helps to create a healthier planet. Over time, as more environmentally-friendly products are developed, we hope that the cost of these products will be more in line with the cost of standard products.