Mini Daily Calendar 2018

Our very first time ever, Wolfidea Press and Dot Creative design first time collaboration to generated this Mini Daily Calendar 2018 to project the cultural unity of the 3 major ethnicities in Malaysia.

 It is a custom made design for holidays & fully hand-made binding with special finishing, while the material and ink used are eco friendly as well.

The calendar consists of the information of the Gregorian Calendar, Chinese Calendar, Indian Calendar & Islamic Calendar and the cultural celebrations and observations of each ethnicities.

This made by Malaysian for Malaysian daily calendar is suitable to be placed on table or hung on a wall. 

The meticulous design with special printing techniques is easy to showcase in any ambiance.

狼印第一次與Dot Creative合作聯手設計印刷「2018馬來西亞道地全民日曆」。

這一次的印刷設計結合數碼印刷加上傳統燙金、壓紋等製作手法,並全程採手工釘製,所有的材質連同印刷墨水都是Eco Friendly。